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Events, Sales, Music Shows & Cool Stuff To Attend Around Chicago Milwaukee is a family pagan based website providing the pagan community a place to post events and hook up.
The Hardest Station In The Nation - Mailing List Participants get exclusive chances to win great prizes and concert tickets
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No 'cookie cutter' format here, Rebel Radio Chicago and famous Chicago Radio personality, Scott Davidson has been rock'n the airwaves since 1994 with standout metal that sells millions, but, doesn't receive enough airplay on traditional radio stations. The hardest station in the nation, Rebel Radio Chicago stands alone in award-worthy programing. The unique hard rock format and Scott Davidson's voice of personality has build a huge loyal listener base. Combined with Internet Connections Marketing and targeted press release coverage, the Rebel advertiser sees huge advantage and success driving clicks to their website, event page or social media profile. Happy customers are return customers, and with this streaming live radio Internet marketing combination, you will see fast results. 

Search Engine Registration $150.00 The question "IS NOT" Do you have a website"? The real question is... "HOW do people KNOW you have a WEBSITE?" Pam and her team will use today’s most up-to-date software to register your website. It will include 15 search keywords + short description we research and write together. You will receive a submission report listing your success with over three hundred thousand internet resources. (300,000) This should be scheduled every 6 months to grow your online exposure and organic SEM results. Continued maintenance will improve your website's rankings in search engine results (the people who "Google" a subject before they go shopping w/o knowing the company name). It also offers the owner the ability to control (to some degree) how their web pages are described and found by search engines, and connects you to the other advertising you have on the net.

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84 hours in 6 weeks - $2,940 $490/week's proprietary method is inexpensive and provides long-term, trackable results! Very little of your personal time or cash... . This one time optimization (SEO) is manually implemented by a listing professional and customized specifically for your business. This process will permanently improve the visibility of your website / webpage in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid search results. Our listing program will correct and update any current listings you have on the Internet and create new listings to make you more competitive long term. List marketing, profiles, event and business category listings. This is the basic must-have to get your company found on the Internet. 

Social Media Coordination $350 In a study conducted by social networking site myYearbook, 81 percent of respondents said they'd received advice from someone relating to a product purchase through a social site; Facebook & MySpace, etc. 74 percent of those who received such advice found it to be influential in their decision. If you don't have a facebook your crazy. Let our professionals custom create your profile, and then teach you how to use it! This social and useful communication tool is the way of the future. If you want to compete in today's business world you have to go where the audience is. Pam and her team will create your socializing page on any of the top networking sites, finish the design and setup and pass it along to you ready to market to your new prospects. We will make your maintenance a breeze through simplified training and mobile management. Get started and use your new media to market your products and events. 

Press Release Package $350 Send your event or business announcement to all the right media in the newspapers, in community pages, and shared on event websites. New Employee Hire . Street Fairs . Business Conference . New Pub Specials . Fundraisers . Concerts Simply put, PineManor401 connects people with people. PAMagnuson has spent years building these relationships and our submissions get printed! This is NOT an automated service. Think of how your business will increase with just one article in the paper. Plus, we include manual submissions to online websites which will increase your company's organic search engine results. This is a small investment that has long lasting results. These listings will continue to represent your information long after the release is sent.

Designed for the small to mid-sized independent will put you on top organically, Much different then paid for click programs like, Citygrib, facebook ads or Google ad words. They are all great while you're paying for the ads - but when you stop paying... the ads disappear and so does the benefits from your advertising campaign. Our Connections Marketing Program - is a 6 weeks one time optimization of your website. It is manually implemented by a listing professional and customized specifically for your business. This process will permanently improve the visibility of your website in search engines via "organic" or un-paid search results. (The ones that mater!)

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